Most don’t believe border security is in the works

I find it disturbing that according to Rasmussen, only 9% of Americans believe it is “very likely” that the government “would actually secure the border and prevent illegal immigration” if Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform legislation. It is equally disturbing that Chris Crane, the head of ICE’s union, said that the border could never be secured if Congress passes immigration reform before ensuring that the border is secured. We urge you to postpone passage of an amnesty for illegal aliens so that the border can be secured once and for all.
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Oppose Gramnesty

Senators and Representative:

The anti-amnesty advertisement running in South Carolina echoes my feelings on Sen. Graham’s immigration proposal, which puts the interests of people who have abused our immigration system before the interests of legal immigrants and American citizens. I hope you will instead support fulfilling Congress’ broken enforcement promises.
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