Time to celebrate

Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
Wake up — sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. He’s gone where the goblins go,
Below — below — below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Wicked Witch is dead!

Amnesty harms American workers

Late last year, you announced a set of executive actions on immigration that will grant work permits to up to 5 million illegal aliens. Further, your actions will make it easier for illegal-alien tech workers to remain in the country. Have you considered the impact of these actions on struggling American workers? I urge you to place the concerns of American workers and legal immigrants already here ahead of illegal aliens.

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No executive amnesty!

The Washington Post is reporting that your Administration is preparing to move forward with an executive action that would protect 5-6 million illegal aliens from deportation and grant them work permits. But it was your similar action for childhood arrivals that caused the ongoing border crisis, and an expanded action would make the situation worse. I urge you stop protecting illegal aliens and start protecting American workers.
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