No amnesty

It is the duty and responsibility of the President and Congress to enforce our immigration laws. I am opposed to any attempt to trade enforcement for amnesty for the so-called dreamers to compete and take jobs from Americans and those here legally. We tried this trade in 1986 and the result is the 12+ million illegal aliens currently in the United States. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

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Thank you for ending DAPA amnesty

Thank you for your administration’s decision to rescind the DAPA program and the extended DACA program that were put in place by President Obama. While it is disappointing that any president would actively seek to subvert U.S. law and the will of Congress, I am glad that you have made sure that they will not take effect.

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Supporting sanctuaries of crime and violence

It is disappointing that you voted against the motions to invoke cloture on S. 3100 and S. 2193. The bills would have stopped sanctuary cities from shielding criminal aliens and would have saved Americans’ lives. I cannot understand you willingness to protect illegal aliens at the expense of innocent Americans.

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End sanctuary city funding

We urge you to support both S. 3100, the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act, and S. 2193, Kate’s Law, when the Senate votes on them. Sanctuary cities provide refuge for dangerous criminals and need to be eliminated. Please vote in favor of these bills and help to protect the American people.

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Stop Obama’s unfair, illegal-alien tax credits

I was appalled to hear IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirm that illegal aliens who receive amnesty through Pres. Obama’s executive actions would be eligible to receive tax credits from previous years. The administration continues to sell the president’s executive actions as simply a “relief from deportation,” but Commissioner Koskinen’s statement proves that it’s much more than that. Continue reading “Stop Obama’s unfair, illegal-alien tax credits”