Please oppose AB 1223, AB 1237, and AB 1509

As a fellow California resident, I ask you to please oppose Assembly Bills 1223, 1237, and 1509.

AB 1223 imposes a special tax on firearms and ammunition on top of existing sales tax. It is unjust to saddle law-abiding gun owners with special taxes to fund social service programs. Such a measure makes it more expensive for law-abiding citizens, like me, to exercise a constitutional right, and discourages us from practicing to be safe and proficient with our firearms for purposes such as self-defense, competition, and hunting.

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Tell Congress to end birthright citizenship

The United States is one of only two industrialized nations to still practice jus soli — birthright citizenship. Australia eliminated it in 2007, New Zealand in 2006, Ireland in 2005, France in 1993, and the United Kingdom in 1983. It’s time that America got with the times by ending this policy that rewards illegal immigration by allowing their children to receive automatic citizenship.

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