A sad day for humanity

Today is a sad day for America and for human-kind. With this transition to the Harris/Biden administration, the American republic is over. Freedom here and around the world no longer has a champion. Corrupt politicians, hypocrites, pedophiles, race baiters, globalists, and the Deep State now control virtually every aspect of our lives, with two of the most stupid and corrupt among them as the figureheads overseeing our destruction.

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Oppose H-2B Increase

Make sure the omnibus spending bill doesn’t increase H-2B visas!

I cannot understand why some of your colleagues are pushing for H-2B visa increases in the upcoming omnibus spending bill. American workers are still devastated by the pandemic and the situation will only get worse this winter. Increasing the number of H-2B foreign workers will only make it more difficult for Americans to get back to work.

Increasing H-2B visa numbers will only keep more Americans unemployed and outside the workforce. Because H-2B visa holders tend to take unskilled jobs, these visas harm less-educated and lower-skilled Americans the most. Worse still, these impacted Americans are disproportionately Black and Hispanic Americans.

Further unfairly impacted by the pandemic, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Americans with a high school education or less have been hit the hardest, and increasing H-2B numbers will only escalate the burden. Please ensure the omnibus spending bill doesn’t raise the H-2B cap or authorize DHS to raise the cap.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA