Why are House Republicans not acting to end the border crisis?

I cannot understand why some House Republicans are preventing House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jordan from moving forward with a hearing to pass a package of border security bills. According to news reports, the hearings have now been delayed until after the Easter break. Why the delay?

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Co-sponsor H.R. 1100 to end the visa lottery!

Fifty-two percent of all lottery visas have been awarded to Europeans, who represent 56 percent of all immigrants since 1820, dispelling the notion that true diversity was the goal of the lottery. The United States does not need to admit a single additional immigrant to ensure increasing ethnic and racial diversity in the U.S. — it is a demographic certainty. Additionally, the legal immigration flow of around one million per year and another estimated million coming illegally, 55,000 lottery visas have very little impact on diversity, no matter who the beneficiaries are.

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