The burden of the border crisis should not fall on black communities

It is high time that the needs of black Americans be reflected in the nation’s immigration policies. I look to support political candidates who will take immediate action to remedy immigration policies that are detrimental to black communities.

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Help end the visa lottery

Our nation currently allows 55,000 immigrants to come to the United States through this program. These individuals need not possess special skills or extraordinary talents, they need only sign up for the lottery and have their name drawn. Once they come to the United States they are free to compete against unemployed Americans for U.S. jobs.

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Oppose foreign worker increases in DHS spending bill

I was disturbed to learn that the House of Representatives is planning to proceed with the FY 2024 DHS Appropriations Bill, H.R. 4367! This legislation, if passed and signed into law, would harm hundreds of thousands of less-educated and lower-skilled American workers and their families.

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Co-sponsor H.R. 1100 to end the visa lottery!

Fifty-two percent of all lottery visas have been awarded to Europeans, who represent 56 percent of all immigrants since 1820, dispelling the notion that true diversity was the goal of the lottery. The United States does not need to admit a single additional immigrant to ensure increasing ethnic and racial diversity in the U.S. — it is a demographic certainty. Additionally, the legal immigration flow of around one million per year and another estimated million coming illegally, 55,000 lottery visas have very little impact on diversity, no matter who the beneficiaries are.

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