Oppose H-2B visa increases

I am disappointed that some of your Senate colleagues are pushing for an increase in H-2B numbers. As H-2B visas typically cover seasonal, entry-level, or unskilled jobs, these visas disproportionately harm young Americans. Increasing H-2B visa numbers would prevent thousands more young Americans from entering the workplace.

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Abolish birthright citizenship for illegal aliens

It is not fair for the children of illegal aliens to receive U.S. citizenship at birth. The rest of the industrialized world has moved past this archaic system and I hope you will work to end it by supporting legislation that ends Birthright Citizenship, so that America is able to move past it as well.

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The most outrageous worker importation bill ever

Sen. Ron Johnson’s new legislation, the State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program of 2017, is a travesty on so many levels. Importing 500,000 foreign workers each year will directly harm the more than 9 million Americans who cannot find a full-time job and make it much more unlikely that any of the 95 million Americans outside the labor force will return to it. To make matters worse, the spouses and children of these new foreign workers would receive work permits, adding hundreds of thousands of additional new workers.

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Oppose H-2B increase

It is disappointing that some of your colleagues are pushing for returning H-2B visa holders to be exempted from the H-2B cap as part of the new spending bill. If they are successful, young and less-educated Americans who depend on these jobs will find be more likely to join the ranks of the permanently unemployed. Please do all you can to ensure that the next spending bill does not increase H-2B numbers.

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