Ban all utility-scale renewable energy projects

I am strongly in favor of protecting the human, economic and environmental values of our desert communities. Therefore I support a Renewable Energy and Conservation Element of the General Plan that restricts utility-scale renewable energy projects to the five severely degraded areas identified by the Board of Supervisors in its February 2016 Resolution to the BLM: Amboy, El Mirage, Hinkley, Kramer Junction, and Trona.

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The fraud of ‘climate change’

The fraudulent nature of “climate change” can be seen in its name. It would be bad enough if the climate didn’t change by itself over time, and progressives were attempting simply to hijack naturally-occurring phenomena for their own purposes, but it’s made worse by the fact that just a few years ago, the problem was supposed to be “man-made global warming,” then just “global warming.” Once neither of those panned out, despite assurances from the scientific community, Al Gore, the White House, NASA, etc., the AGW crew had to re-invent and rebrand itself. Hence: “Climate change.” Continue reading “The fraud of ‘climate change’”

Earth Day 2007

Today we supposedly celebrate “Earth Day.” Until 1970, this day was known as the birthday of Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and first head of the Soviet state. Perhaps we should call it “Watermelon Day” — the day on which each of us looks Green on the outside while remaining Red on the inside.
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