Serenity is difficult to find

America’s remaining open spaces, especially our majestic national parks, are being “used to death.” As our population grows, parks and beaches cannot keep up with the demand. Unless America can achieve a stable sustainable population, the trampling of our remaining open spaces will worsen. This is why Congress must revisit our immigration policies. The Census Bureau projects the U.S. that 75 million people will be added to America’s population by the Year 2060, with roughly 90 percent of that growth due to immigration.

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Please work with Congress to save America’s wilderness and biodiversity

I recently read The New York Times article (12/9/22), titled “Animals are running out of places to live,” which described the massive loss of biodiversity and habitat for a huge number of species, which includes 1,300 struggling for survival in America. Although I’m happy that President Biden issued an executive order to protect 30% of the country’s lands by 2030, how can wildlife habitat be preserved while immigration into our country is accelerating fast?

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