Oppose DACA amnesty

Pres. Obama issued the unlawful DACA executive amnesty more than a decade ago, and currently, more than 600,000 illegal aliens hold a work permit and legal status as a result. While a federal appellate court said earlier this month that DACA was unlawful, it’s also allowing the Biden Administration to continue renewing applications for existing DACA holders while the case continues to be reviewed.

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Mandatory E-Verify would shut off the jobs magnet and help end illegal immigration

I hope I can count on you to support legislation that requires all employers to use E-Verify. With 15 million Americans unable to find a full-time job and millions more suffering from the ramifications of a stolen identity, passing E-Verify is the single best action you can take to end illegal hiring and turn off the jobs magnet.

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E-Verify as a deterrent

E-Verify can act as a major deterrent for future illegal immigration. As long as employers are able to hire illegal workers, foreign nationals will continue to attempt to enter the country illegally, either through illegal border crossings or overstaying a visa.

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