Keep amnesty out of budget reconciliation

I am dismayed that some anti-American worker and anti-legal immigrant worker Democrats are calling on Sen. Schumer and Vice President Harris to ignore the Senate parliamentarian and include an illegal alien amnesty in the budget reconciliation bill. In case you forgot, the parliamentarian did not mince her words; she was unequivocal that passing an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens goes far beyond its simple budgetary impact and needs to be carefully considered by Congress in standalone legislation.

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Oppose the immigration enforcement freeze

In addition to amnestying millions of illegal aliens and drastically increasing legal immigration levels, the Democrats’ budget reconciliation amnesty will halt virtually all ICE interior enforcement for at least one year. Any alien in removal proceedings or subject to removal or voluntary departure orders will be allowed to apply for amnesty or will be assumed to qualify for an amnesty. This means that ICE must assume that nearly every illegal alien qualifies for the amnesty and the agency will be unable to apprehend illegal aliens and keep our nation safe.

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Oppose Democrats’ budget reconciliation amnesty

The Democrats’ budget reconciliation amnesty shows an abject disregard for the plight of American workers and the safety and security of our nation. Border Patrol and CPB agents need additional resources to deal with the influx of illegal economic migrants. Instead, the Democrats have chosen to use the budget reconciliation process to amnesty millions of illegal aliens, thereby exacerbating the border crisis and making it even more difficult to secure the border.

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Why does the budget reconciliation bill provide waivers for human smugglers?

I cannot understand why Democrats are adding immigration provisions that reward human smugglers to the budget reconciliation process during a border crisis! Not only do the provisions to issue work permits to 8 million people who crossed the border illegally or overstayed a visa provide human smugglers with a great sales pitch — the provisions also include waivers to allow the human smugglers themselves to apply for green cards!

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Stop the Democrats’ heinous amnesty bill

Why are Democrats trying to force a massive amnesty on the American people when there is a crisis at the border and Americans are still out of work and suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic? The Democrats’ plans include: the DACA and DREAM amnesties, the “essential worker amnesty,” the TPS amnesty, and the DED amnesty. Millions of Americans are out of work and amnestying more than 8 million illegal aliens will only make it more difficult for them to find work.

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