You failed to keep amnesty out of the budget reconciliation resolution

Polls consistently and increasingly show that the public is alarmed by Washington’s cavalier attitude toward a border crisis that continues to break records during the hot and deadly summer months. There is no issue on which the public is at greater odds with Democrats in Washington than immigration.

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Please oppose the budget reconciliation amnesty

I was alarmed to learn that Congressional Democrats are plotting to include a massive amnesty for illegal aliens in the upcoming budget reconciliation bill. In addition to violating the Byrd Rule, an amnesty for illegal aliens would only exacerbate the border crisis by encouraging more people to illegally cross the border.

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Oppose H.R. 6

Please oppose the H.R. 6 enforcement-free amnesty!

H.R. 6 is a mass amnesty bill that will give an amnesty to millions of Dreamers and TPS recipients, including gang members, human traffickers, and other criminals, without doing anything to secure the border. Specifically, Dreamers may have committed serious crimes and still qualify for an amnesty:

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