Fix your foreign policy

During your campaign, opponents claimed that you would get us into World War III. I not only scoffed at the idea, and pointed out your many statements about disengaging the U.S. from the role of world policeman, but reminded them that the horrible foreign policy track records of the Clintons and our past presidents argued for “business as usual” should you not be elected.

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It’s time for House Leadership to act on Davis-Oliver

A few weeks ago, the House Judiciary Committee has approved H.R. 2431, the Davis-Oliver Act, that would strengthen interior enforcement. This critical piece of legislation is badly needed to ensure that the Executive Branch upholds its duty to enforce federal immigration laws.

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McCaul border bill won’t secure the border

In recent days, I’ve heard House GOP Leaders talk about using Rep. Michael McCaul’s border bill, H.R. 399, as a starting point for immigration reform. I don’t support this bill, and President-elect Donald Trump already has the authorization he needs to secure the border through existing legislation.

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House proposal would release Criminal Aliens onto the streets

Many law enforcement groups, including the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys, oppose the House’s criminal justice reform legislation. This proposal would release thousands of dangerous criminal aliens onto the streets. Please do all you can to make sure it doesn’t become law unless it excludes non-citizens.

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