Support H.R. 193

As long as the United States is a member of the United Nations, our Constitutional rights are in danger. Even if we do not actively participate in totalitarian schemes like their “Arms Trade Treaty” (ATT), maintaining our membership in the U.N. makes it easier for any future President to push for ratification of the ATT or sign us onto the next anti-gun treaty.

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Don’t increase H-2B visas

It is disappointing that some of your colleagues are pushing for returning H-2B visa holders to be exempted from the H-2B cap as part of the new spending bill. If they are successful, young and less-educated Americans who depend on these jobs will find be more likely to join the ranks of the permanently unemployed. Please do all you can to ensure that returning H-2B workers are not exempted from the visa cap.

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Punish ‘sanctuary cities’

Our American way of life is threatened by the influx of illegal aliens into the United States. Once here, many of them engage in further criminal activities, including drunk driving, drug use and dealing, robbery, assault, rape, identity theft, kidnapping, sex trafficking, and even murder and terrorism. Regardless of further criminal behavior, their very presence increases the strain on our already-taxed infrastructure, including roads, justice system, water supplies, traffic, and medical facilities, and their children have all but destroyed our education system.

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Stop healthcare plan from giving tax credits to illegal aliens

I know that Congressional Republicans are working on an Obamacare replacement. However, I am very disappointed with the GOP’s replacement legislation because it would allow illegal aliens to receive healthcare tax credits. I hope you will oppose any healthcare overhaul until it an be guaranteed that stringent verification measures are in place.

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Abolish birthright citizenship for illegal aliens

Birthright citizenship is an outdated practice that lures foreign nationals to the United States so their unborn children can become U.S. citizens. Please work to end this policy that most industrialized nations have already abandoned.

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No healthcare for illegal aliens

The House Republicans’ decision to replace Obamacare with a a government-run health care exchange that benefits illegal aliens defies all logic. Illegal aliens should not receive any handouts from American taxpayers and I urge you to oppose the GOP’s Obamacare overhaul until stringent verification measures are put in place to prevent illegal aliens from receiving healthcare tax credits or subsidies.

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Pass mandatory E-Verify

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security John Kelly issued two memos today that cleared out most of the rubbish of past Administration internal memos and basically declared that federal law enforcement officers are now free to apply any law that Congress passed to discourage illegal immigration.

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