No amnesty for DACA recipients

It is vital that you and your fellow Republicans do not bow to pressure and include a DACA amnesty in the year-end spending bill. Doing so would set a dangerous precedent and encourage your pro-illegal alien colleagues to demand even larger amnesties. Moreover, Congress shouldn’t even consider an amnesty until the border is secured, E-Verify is mandated, and chain migration and the visa lottery are eliminated.

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It’s time for House Leadership to act on Davis-Oliver

A few weeks ago, the House Judiciary Committee has approved H.R. 2431, the Davis-Oliver Act, that would strengthen interior enforcement. This critical piece of legislation is badly needed to ensure that the Executive Branch upholds its duty to enforce federal immigration laws.

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Don’t cave in on gun legislation

A couple of weeks ago, Democrats made a mockery of the House by sitting on the floor, whining — metaphorically holding their breath until they turned blue. Yet with Obama in the White House and Democrats holding supermajorities in the House and Senate in 2009-2010, the Democrats did nothing to pass gun control legislation, which they now falsely claim is vital to public safety.

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