H.R. 3648 will displace American workers — VOTE NO!

The House of Representatives will soon hold a vote on H.R. 3648, the EAGLE Act. I cannot understand how anyone can think that this bill is a good idea. H.R. 3648 would expand the H-1B program and permanently reduce the number of jobs available to American workers by turning virtually all nonimmigrant visas into a direct path to a green card for foreign workers and their spouses and children, including adult children, regardless of the numerical limits on employment-based green cards.

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Please cosponsor H.R. 4644 to end the OPT program

The Optional Practical Training (OPT) program for foreign graduates of American universities harms all American and legal immigrant graduates, but it harms STEM graduates the most. Currently, all foreign graduates are eligible for a 12-month OPT visa to work in their fields of study after graduation. To make matters much worse, foreign STEM graduates are eligible for an additional 24-month OPT visa.

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