• Crime rates don’t tell the full story

    While open borders advocates maintain that illegal aliens are less likely to commit a crime, this statistic — while disingenuous bordering on false due the fact that many law enforcement encounters do not inquire or report about the immigration status of criminals — also masks another truth: increasing the number of potential illegal alien criminals entering the country will increase the number of Americans and legal immigrants impacted by it.

  • Moderate immigration to restore our middle class

    Support the American middle class by moderating immigration levels.

  • America is losing places to get away from it all

    Immigration-driven population growth is lowering our quality-of-life.

  • Asylum abuse takes away jobs and depresses wages

    Prioritize U.S. labor, not business greed, and end asylum abuse.

  • Cosponsor H.R. 7833 to end Chain Migration

    Ending chain migration was one of the top recommendations of the Jordan Commission on Immigration Reform. The commission concluded that chain migration serves no compelling national interest while harming the Americans who most need our help.

  • America’s wildlife can’t compete with high immigration. Support H.R. 7833

    Even though we just had another Earth Day celebration, America still suffers from a “biodiversity crisis.” The list of endangered and threatened species (now over 1,300) gets bigger our nation loses about 1.5 million acres of natural lands every year because unsustainable population growth demands evermore agriculture, energy development, and housing sprawl. As a result, critical wildlife habitat areas are destroyed and/or disconnected.

  • Reduce immigration to protect farmland and nature

    Population growth is producing sprawl throughout the United States and I urge you to work with your colleagues to address this by reducing immigration.

  • Mandate E-Verify

    Requiring employers to run new hires through the Chamber of Commerce-supported E-Verify system, would gently move illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs. Over time, more than 7 million illegal aliens in non-agricultural jobs would be replaced by unemployed Americans and legal immigrants. While not solving America’s unemployment or illegal immigration problems, mandatory E-Verify would certainly lessen their severity.

  • Sensible immigration policy

    May 26, 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1924.

  • Put American workers first

    It is disappointing how many in the government and media continue the false narrative that more immigration is needed to solve worker shortages in the United States.

  • Protect wildlife with H.R. 2 and H.R. 7833

    I am concerned about America’s endangered species, which are being driven toward extinction because of our population growth. The plight of our plants and animals will not improve without the gradual transition to population stabilization.

  • Pass H.R. 2 and Secure our borders

    The results of a recent Freedom of Information Act request show that the crisis at the U.S. — Mexico border is out of control! Statistics from CBP show that between FY 2010 and FY 2020 inclusive, there were over 1.4 million gotaways (illegal aliens who avoided agents but were detected by other forms of surveillance such as cameras and sensors), ranging from a low of 86,226 in FY 2011 to a high of 171,663 in FY 2013. In FY 2020, there were 136,808 gotaways at the border. That number then rose to 387,398 in FY 2021, which coincided with the last months of the Trump administration and the first months of the Biden administration.

  • Immigration policies add further strain to groundwater supplies

    America’s underground water supplies are being severely depleted (The New York Times, 8/28/23). The “mining” of groundwater causes critical problems and is happening across America, especially in arid areas with runaway urban sprawl.

  • End the visa lottery

    Our nation currently allows 50,000 immigrants to come to the United States through this program. These individuals need not possess special skills or extraordinary talents, they need only sign up for the lottery and have their name drawn. Once they come to the United States they are free to compete against unemployed Americans for U.S. jobs.

  • End Migrant Child Labor Violations with H.R. 2

    It troubles me that child migrant labor abuse is still rampant despite the exposure of this nationwide problem by The New York Times in the Fall of 2023.

  • End birthright citizenship

    8 U.S.C. 1401 currently says that “a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth.” Clearly, the Constitution does not need to be changed in order to prevent the children of illegal economic migrants from receiving birthright citizenship; a simple piece of legislation will do.

  • Scrap America’s ecological Ponzi scheme

    When I heard that Sir David Attenborough just turned 98 years old, I felt inspired to write to you. As one of the most influential naturalists of our time, it’s no wonder that Attenborough has advocated for restoring biodiversity, and voluntarily limiting human population growth. He also believes “indefinite growth can go on forever in a finite world [or country] is either a madman or an economist.”

  • Dark skies cannot compete with sky-high immigration rates

    America’s endless population growth is extinguishing Nature’s light shows.

  • Cosponsor S. 4051 and support efforts to attach it to the FAA reauthorization bill

    It strains credulity that unvetted illegal aliens are allowed to board commercial aircraft! By allowing illegal aliens and parolees to board aircraft based only on the information they entered into the CBP-One app or that an overworked Border Patrol agent filled in on a Notice to Appear or a Notice to Report, airlines and DHS are putting all their other passengers at risk. This is especially concerning when FBI Director Christopher Wray is warning of a significantly elevated threat from foreign terrorist organizations, and the Department of Homeland Security is admitting that record numbers of known terrorists have crossed the southern border.

  • Secure our border now!

    The solution to ending the border crisis is the House-passed H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act. The proposed Senate “compromise” would harm American workers and inflame the border crisis. Passing H.R. 2 is the only way to stop the crisis.