No impeachment

My wife and I are utterly and unalterably opposed to any move to impeach President Trump. He‘s our president, and he‘s doing a great job. Just imagine how much greater our country could be if you would pitch in? I recommend starting with mandating E-Verify, securing our borders, and ratifying the USMCA.

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Greg and Laura Raven, Apple Valley, CA

Will Obama’s new AG reject executive amnesty?

The Senate will soon have the opportunity to consider a replacement for Attorney General Eric Holder. Many Senators, on both sides of the aisle, have said that they oppose Pres. Obama taking executive action on immigration — actions that Eric Holder helped draft. I urge you to oppose any nominee for Attorney General that doesn’t reject Pres. Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Continue reading “Will Obama’s new AG reject executive amnesty?”

Keep criminal illegal aliens in jail

Senator Richard Durbin:

You and your fellow Members in Congress in the upper echelons of leadership have a duty to protect the American people. Why, then, have you refused to counter President Obama’s efforts to institute a “catch and release” program for “innocent” or “non-violent” illegal aliens, especially when a shockingly-high percentage of these amenable illegal aliens commit crimes such as murder, rape, child abuse, gun running, and drug trafficking? What good is a Congress when it will kowtow to a president’s every caprice?
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