E-Verify as a deterrent

E-Verify can act as a major deterrent for future illegal immigration. As long as employers are able to hire illegal workers, foreign nationals will continue to attempt to enter the country illegally, either through illegal border crossings or overstaying a visa.

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It’s time for House Leadership to act on Davis-Oliver

A few weeks ago, the House Judiciary Committee has approved H.R. 2431, the Davis-Oliver Act, that would strengthen interior enforcement. This critical piece of legislation is badly needed to ensure that the Executive Branch upholds its duty to enforce federal immigration laws.

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Block sanctuary legislation

I cannot fathom why the Senate is considering legislation to further shield criminal aliens from deportation. How many more like Kate Steinle have to die before California leaders understand that criminal aliens must be removed, not released. Use the authority of your office to end debate on SB 54. You’ll also be helping to prevent the budget meltdown that will occur when the Trump Administration cuts our federal funds.

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Voters support Jordan Commission recommendations

I hope you will study the recommendations made by the Jordan Commission on Immigration Reform before voting on immigration bills during the 115th Congress. The commission, headed by civil rights activist Barbara Jordan and endorsed by then-President Bill Clinton, recommended that immigration laws be enforced and immigration levels be reduced to secure our nation and improve the lives of all Americans.

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