Liberal conservationism

A friend of mine went to the Australian Open this year, and while down under he visited the Great Barrier Reef. He said that the water was so warm — 93 degrees — that the reef was dying. There are those among us — to whom I refer as liberal conservationists — who believe this rise in water temperature is due to human-caused global warming. For example, there is the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, which falsely claims:
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Website of interest

I found a website that perfectly encapsulates our national schizophrenia on several of the big issues we face. It’s a private website for a park, but not just any park: Border Field State Park, which includes the Tijuana River Sanctuary.

WARNING: The Political Correctness unveiled on this site is enough to gag a maggot.

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Global warming = global control?

It’s striking to see how the hysteria about “global warming” has ramped up in the last month or so. Since the big push to implement the Kyoto Protocol world-wide, I have had the impression that this was yet another attempt to transition to a one-world government. Today, we see in this article in the San Diego Tribune (, another aspect of this attempt. Control gives the ability to tax, and tax dollars enable more control — if by no other means than going after those who don’t pay the tax.
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