The One Number You Need to Know in O’s Budget

By Kevin D. Williamson

Here’s the number to keep in mind: $763 billion.

If enacted, Barack Obama’s latest budget would mean that in just ten years, interest payments alone on the national debt would begin pushing the trillion-dollar mark: $763 billion a year by 2023. That may be a rosy estimate: It assumes that interest rates, currently near historic lows, do not rise a great deal over the next ten years as the Treasury continues to pile up new debt. If interest rates do climb a bit higher — not even to their historical average, but higher than they have been of late — then those interest payments easily could be more than $1 trillion a year.
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Obama’s budget in one infographic

President Obama released his 2014 budget more than 60 days late. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t even attempt to balance the budget — now or in the future. put together this handy infographic on Obama’s budget to help you understand what’s in it and how it exposes the President’s worldview.
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