Support Rep. Goodlatte’s H.R 4760

You promised on the campaign trail and then again in your State of the Union address that any deal on DACA needs to put the interests of American workers first. Unfortunately, the White House proposal wouldn’t accomplish this because it would take at least 15 years before there were significant reductions in legal immigration.

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Ensure border funding is approved

I urge you to not sign any relevant spending legislation that does not fund the border requests listed in the White House’s FY2018 proposed budget. For too long, the federal government has ignored border security, and I’m confident that the President’s request for funding would reduce illegal immigration at the border and strengthen national security.

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Fix the bureaucracy

As a candidate, you often made reference to draining the swamp. As laudable as this goal may be, the “swamp” exists because the federal government has become so gigantic, so invasive, and so all-encompassing that anyone who wishes to get anything done in this country must necessarily apply to Washington at some point — either for help or permission. Draining the swamp, therefore, isn’t enough: You must eliminate it completely. Draining it will only create a vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum.

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