Thank you for ending DAPA amnesty

Thank you for your administration’s decision to rescind the DAPA program and the extended DACA program that were put in place by President Obama. While it is disappointing that any president would actively seek to subvert U.S. law and the will of Congress, I am glad that you have made sure that they will not take effect.

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Veto any spending bills that don’t fund your enforcement priorities

I urge you to not sign any relevant spending legislation that does not fund the border requests listed in the White House’s FY2018 proposed budget. For too long, the federal government has ignored border security, and I’m confident that the results of your request for funding would reduce illegal immigration at the border and strengthen national security.

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Reduce legal immigration

I was concerned by your recent statements to the Economist where you said that you did not want to reduce legal immigration levels. These statements contradict your Joint Address to Congress when you said, “Protecting our workers also means reforming our system of legal immigration. The current, outdated system depresses wages for our poorest workers, and puts great pressure on taxpayers.”

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