The fraudulent nature of “climate change” can be seen in its name. It would be bad enough if the climate didn’t change by itself over time, and progressives were attempting simply to hijack naturally-occurring phenomena for their own purposes, but it’s made worse by the fact that just a few years ago, the problem was supposed to be “man-made global warming,” then just “global warming.” Once neither of those panned out, despite assurances from the scientific community, Al Gore, the White House, NASA, etc., the AGW crew had to re-invent and rebrand itself. Hence: “Climate change.”

Count me as one who is mystified by detractors of Dinah Shumway such as Mark Tabbert (of Newport Beach!), Roy King, and Jere H. Lipps (of Orange!) who still parrot the unprovable assertions of the global warming cabal, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, despite the flaws in each and every one of their climate models, and despite numerous examples of members of the global warming cabal falsifying data to support their “undebatable” position (Letters, Press Dispatch, August 2, 2015).

“Climate change” or “global warming” or whatever you want to call it, is and always has been nothing more than a scheme to transfer billions or trillions of dollars to the elite and their fellow travelers, under the pretext that this disappearing wealth somehow would benefit nebulous persons in some amorphous way.

Real global warming has given us a spectacular planet, from the Grand Canyon to the Great Barrier Reef, to name just two examples. Without global warming, there might still be a mile-thick sheet of ice on North America. The climate changes that wrought these wonders occurred long before man had anything to do with anything on this planet.

— <p> Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA </p>