Over the years, we have referred to many personages of note by using first, middle, and last names, while the rest of us plod along with only first and last. As far as I can remember, outside of Mel Gibson’s movie, “Conspiracy Theory,” few have commented on this. Neither can I remember anyone commenting on the significance of the middle name, when it is the same as some other famous person. For example, I don’t remember anyone remarking on the irony that William Jefferson Clinton was not very much like Thomas Jefferson, or urging Clinton to act more like Jefferson because of his middle name.

Yet now, we have Senator Barack Hussein Obama. We are told that it is racist and hateful and divisive and Republican and all those awful things to call Senator Barack Hussein Obama, “Barack Hussein Obama.”

The only explanation I can think of is that, in this case, the middle name does indeed signify a connection that our lords and masters want to keep concealed for the time being.

Perhaps if Obama had more substance, frivolities such as this wouldn’t matter as much.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA