Shock jock Don Imus has shown that, to race baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, race does matter … sometimes, more than anything else.

Of course, it matters only if you are perceived to be on the “wrong side” of the race issue. I’m not normally a betting person, but I’d be willing to bet that Imus either has Negro friends or he pays attention to Negro culture. One of the words he used, “ho,” (short for “whore”) is from the Negro culture. Caucasoids who are proud of western civilization don’t use that word.

However, like Michael Richards before him (who foolishly used the word “nigger,” which only Negros are now allowed to use), Imus almost certainly picked up his terminology as part and parcel of empathizing and mixing with negro culture.

No doubt, for Imus and Richards, it seemed cool to get down with the homies, but in doing so they fell prey to that uniquely Caucasoid failing — they discounted the racial differences between themselves and those homies. Non-Caucasoids never lose their racial consciousness.

Because Caucasoids are suppose to celebrate racial differences without noticing any racial differences, sometimes liberals such as Imus and Richards stray across the line.

Unfortunately, every time it happens, race baiters such as Sharpton and Jackson are there to force the transgressor to redouble his efforts to square the circle.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA