Enough is enough! It’s time for both sides to stop the drama! We do not want tax increases! We do not want to raise the debt ceiling! We do not want more spending! Why is that so difficult for our politicians to understand?

It is well past time to dramatically and permanently slash the size and scope of the Federal government. Here’s how to start:

  • Immediately eliminate each of the thousands of agencies and bureaucracies that has no Constitutional support for its existence.
  • Immediately eliminate all forms of foreign aid.
  • Immediately eliminate all subsidies and welfare payments, whether they go to corporations or individuals.
  • Bring all of our military home no later than by the end of 2011, along with all of their equipment and supplies, and get each home country to pay us for the buildings, runways, etc., that we leave behind.
  • Immediately end all cost-of-living adjustments for Federal employees and programs forever.
  • Immediately revert the budget of any remaining Federal agencies to 1968 levels.
  • Secure our borders and return to pre-1965 immigration policies.