Google, Facebook, and other Silicone Valley tech companies have been under fire lately for paying employees differently based on their value to the company, and for not hiring sub-standard persons to work for them.

Being run by greedy capitalists, these companies have historically used merit as the basis for hiring and pay. Being ideologically progressive, though, they have created a situation for themselves in which they are advocating for business practices that will ruin their businesses, simply so they can be seen as virtue-signaling to those who do not deserve as much money, as well as to those who do not deserve to work at their companies.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution that will address each of these challenges, while allowing them to maintain their merit-based hiring and pay practices.

All they need to do to retain the ability to hire those they really want while meeting the demands of SJWs around the world is to offer a pay raise to each white male employee who agrees to identify as a female and/or person of color.

According to progressives, biology does not matter, so there should be nothing wrong with a white male identifying as — say — a black woman. After identifying as a black woman, this brand new woman would be receiving a higher paycheck than the male she formerly was. Thus, income inequality, gender inequality, and racial inequality are fixed using a wonderfully free-market approach, and best of all, they get to retain (and/or hire) all the white and Asian males they desire.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA