Let’s look at the evidence of Obama’s true faith.

  1. Born to a Muslim father.
  2. Later adopted by a Muslim step-father.
  3. Spent his youth growing up in the Muslim country Indonesia.
  4. Bowed before a Saudi King.
  5. Gave speech before a group of Muslims and said, "As the holy Koran teaches us."
  6. Wrote in his own book "there is nothing more beautiful than morning (Muslim) prayer at sunrise"
  7. Has never stepped foot in Israel, our primary ally in the mid-east, though he has visited just about every neighboring Muslim country during his entire term as President.
  8. Commended John McCain on ABC news interview for "not bringing up his Muslim faith" during the 2008 campaign.
  9. Does not allow his daughters to celebrate Christmas.
  10. Takes his annual family vacation during the exact dates of the Muslim holiday Ramadan.
  11. Demanded school staff cover the image of Jesus on the podium at Georgetown University before giving speech.
  12. Held secret meetings with Muslim Brotherhood in the White House ... multiple times!
  13. Uses separate private jet (on the taxpayers' dime) to transport his dog on family trips adhering to Muslim law.
  14. To be continued ...
  1. He says he is.
  2. He says he is.
  3. He says he is.
  4. He says he is.
  5. He says he is.
  6. You get the point.

Yeah … I guess when you really break it down and look at all the facts it is pretty ridiculous to think Obama is a Muslim isn’t it? I guess it must be RACISM after all.

Obama's true faith