Your guide to photo I.D.

How to tell if it is being racist to require photo I.D.

When it is not racist to require a photo I.D. When requiring a photo I.D. is totally racist
buying alcohol

buying cigarettes

opening a bank account

applying for food stamps

applying for welfare

applying for Medicaid

applying for Social Security

applying for a job

applying for unemployment

renting a house

buying a house

applying for a mortgage

driving a car

renting a car

buying a car

boarding an airplane

getting married

purchasing a gun

adopting a pet

renting a hotel room

applying for a hunting license

applying for a fishing license

buying a cell phone

gambling at a casino

getting a prescription

donating blood

buying an “M” rated video game

using a credit card

holding a protest

attending the Democratic National Convention


Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.