Why John McCain?

It may be time for the tin-foil hats, but I’ve been wondering for some months how and why John McCain came to be the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. A year ago, the McCain campaign was low on funds, and he had some stiff competition from younger men with less baggage (i.e. S&L scandal, support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, years of bizarre behavior and flip-flopping on the issues, general signs of insanity, etc.). After the first three or four primary votes, McCain was trailing in the vote, trailing in the delegate count, trailing in the polls, and denying rumors that his campaign was bankrupt.

Then magically, a couple weeks later, McCain comes bouncing back. He’s got plenty of money, he starts a winning streak in the primaries, his polling numbers climb as if they have a life of their own, most of his Republican opponents drop out of the race, and the media buries his last remaining opponent, Ron Paul. How does that happen without some major behind-the-scenes log-rolling and skullduggery?

I can’t prove this, but it seems clear to me that McCain was maneuvered into place as the Republican Party candidate because someone or some group needed a Republican candidate who would lose to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, yet be controllable if by some miracle he won the election. That is, he was cannon fodder.

I realize that the implication is that this election was rigged months (years?) ago, but there really is no other explanation as to why such a defective person as John McCain received his party’s nomination.

Author: Greg Raven

I am deeply concerned about quality of life issues.