• End the border crisis

    Border Patrol agents are on pace to make more than 2 million apprehensions of illegal border crossers during the current fiscal year. It’s past time for Congress to take action to end this historic border crisis!

  • Democratic cities are being overwhelmed by border surge

    New York City Mayor Adams is overwhelmed by busloads of migrants coming from the border. Cities closer to the border have been overwhelmed for months. There is nothing “compassionate” about facilitating a border crisis. End asylum fraud, catch and release, and the abuse of parole authority. Reinstate and mandate the Migration Protection Protocols program.

  • Back the Freedom Caucus’ border plan!

    It is incredibly disappointing that the White House has taken no steps to address the Biden Border Crisis. The situation at the border represents a threat to our national security, and you and your fellow Republicans need to keep it front and center.

  • Americans need access to untrampled open space

    Nature-lovers such as myself care most about biodiversity/species extinction and the incremental loss of America’s dwindling open spaces, e.g., wildlife habitat and wilderness. These problems are a direct and readily-observable result of our nation’s population growth.

  • SB 918 — Letter of opposition

    I am writing in strong opposition to S.B. 918, which will make significant changes to Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) procedures that will do nothing but complicate the process and increase the costs of obtaining a permit by law-abiding citizens. It is apparent that this bill is an attempt to circumvent the ruling from the United States Supreme Court in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v Bruen, which legally established California as a “shall issue” state.

  • SB 1384 — Letter of opposition

    I am strongly opposed to S.B. 1384, which requires licensed firearms dealers to have a digital video surveillance system, burglary alarm system, and a keyless entry system on their premises.

  • A.B. 2552 — Letter of opposition

    I am in opposition to A.B. 2552 which requires notices to be posted at each public entrance of every gun show in California on the storage, handling, purchase, and theft of firearms.

  • A.B. 1227 — Letter of opposition

    I am in strong opposition to A.B. 1227, which seeks to impose an excise tax on each new gun purchased in California.

  • A.B. 1227 — Letter of opposition

    I am writing in strong opposition to A.B. 1227, which seeks to impose an excise tax on the gross receipts on the sale of all firearms, ammunition, and so-called precursor parts, purchased in the state. I oppose this bill for the following reasons:

  • The Constitution for the United States of America

    I just received unsolicited in the mail a booklet with the title “The Constitution of the United States & The Bill of Rights and all Amendments.”

  • The NDAA

    Thanks for your e-mail about supporting and contributing to the NDAA. Unfortunately, what you’ve done is exactly the opposite of what I expected of you. You might have improved our “national defense” in some small measure, but in the process you also opened our borders and compromised our 2nd Amendment rights. Not a very good trade-off, especially considering how Resident Biden is destroying our military. You of all persons should know that once we lose our rights, we have to engage in bloody conflict to regain them. Thanks for nothing.

  • Your vote was appalling

    Gun Owners of America has just informed me that you voted against the right to bear arms by supporting the Active Shooter Alert Act. H.R. 6538 will lead to deceptive anti-gun propaganda under the guise of “awareness.”

  • Don’t rubber-stamp gun control

    As you know, the House of Representatives just voted for TWO pieces of anti-gun legislation. Rep. Speier’s amendment to the NDAA, which lays the groundwork for Resident Biden’s vision of mandatory gun storage laws, and H.R. 6538, which is a duplicative program that will lead to deceptive anti-gun propaganda under the guise of “awareness.”

  • Immigration drives population growth as competition for water increases in California

    Stop enticing illegal immigrants to California while our water supply shrinks.

  • Dueling headlines: California tax edition

    There’s this:

  • Dueling headlines: Baby formula edition


  • Oppose immigration provisions in the COMPETES Act

    Please oppose adding House provisions to America COMPETES Act.

  • You supported bad immigration provisions in the omnibus spending bill

    The EB-5 visa program is full of fraud. I was disappointed by your omnibus vote.

  • Support the Legal Workforce Act to Mandate E-Verify and Combat ID Theft

    Please cosponsor H.R. 78 to mandate E-Verify.

  • Resist the media’s relentless drumbeat for unsustainable growth

    Population stabilization will bring us a sustainable future.