• Recognize this guy?

    Do you know who this is?

  • 55 Reasons Why California Is The Worst State in America

    Why in the world would anyone want to live in the state of California at this point? The entire state is rapidly becoming a bright, shining example of everything that is wrong with America.

  • Cosponsor the SAVE Act, H.R. 830

    Representative Paul Cook:

  • Oppose Gramnesty

    Senators and Representative:

  • I oppose your proposed amnesty

    After taking a closer look at your revived immigration proposal, it’s nothing more than the plan in 2007 that failed to pass through Congress. I urge you to work towards securing the border, mandating national use of E-Verify, and completion of the entry/exit system before addressing individuals who are illegally in this country.

  • End chain migration

    It would help all unemployed Americans if you were to cosponsor Rep. Phil Gingrey’s Nuclear Family Priority Act (H.R. 477)!

  • Oppose Obama amnesty

    I could not believe that Sen. Schumer said that the border doesn’t need to be secure before illegal aliens receive their amnesty and “pathway to citizenship!” What is he thinking?

  • Even union members don’t like amnesty

    I believe you and your fellow Democrats should take note of a recent Rasmussen poll. It shows that union members are not fond of your party’s immigration proposals.

  • No new amnesty

    I oppose the Senate Gang of Eight’s amnesty proposal to legalize millions of illegal immigrants.

  • That’s a good reason why they shouldn’t be residents in the first place

    Representative Darrell Issa:

  • Put Americans before illegal aliens

    America spends more than a trillion dollars on programs to help our own unemployed and disadvantaged. So why are we importing millions of immigrants to compete for jobs and resources with them?

  • Oppose the Gang of Eight’s immigration ‘reform’ bill

    The “Gang of Eight” Senators have released the details for a new immigration reform bill, but after taking a closer look, this proposal is nothing more than the failed ideas from 2007. I oppose a mass amnesty, and urge you to do the same.

  • Oppose Democrat illegal alien amnesty

    It is disappointing that so many of your Democratic colleagues are rushing to give an amnesty to illegal aliens. I am counting on you to oppose these efforts and help preserve jobs for unemployed American workers.

  • Thanks for opposing the Gang of Eight

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

  • Reduce spending

    Representative Paul Cook

  • End birthright citizenship

    Representative Paul Cook

  • Amnesty does NOT help U.S. citizens

    I don’t understand why you are making amnesty a priority when middle class Americans struggle to make ends meet.

  • A real president would stand up for American and Americans

    Why are you continuing to push for a comprehensive amnesty that would continue to put even more Americans out of work?

  • Gun control works great …

    Gun control works great if you’re the one controlling the guns.

  • Armed citizens stop massacres

    August 1995 — Muskegon, Michigan: Plans to slay everyone in the Muskegon, Michigan, store and steal enough cash and jewelry to feed their “gnawing hunger for crack cocaine” fell apart for a band of would-be killers after one of their victims fought back. Store owner Clare Cooper was returning behind the counter after showing three of the four conspirators some jewelry, when one of the group pulled out a gun and shot him four times in the back. Stumbling for the safety of his bullet-proof glass-encased counter, Cooper managed to grab his shotgun and fire as the suspects fled.