• Oppose the Moran amendment

    Please oppose the Moran amendment, number 2612, to the unemployment extension legislation. This amendment would take jobs away from Americans, not help jobless Americans.

  • The ‘labor shortage’

    As a construction worker, it disappoints me that construction employment is nearly 2 million below is previous peak. There’s a lot of hiring to be done and a lot of unemployed Americans willing to work in the industry if Congress passes legislation to get things moving. However, passing any amnesty or immigration reform will only make things worse for all American workers.

  • Signal your opposition to ‘immigration reform’

    Republican pro-amnesty Representatives are circulating a letter urging the House Republican leadership to support comprehensive immigration. I urge you not to sign this letter. Signing this letter will give President Obama a hope because comprehensive immigration reform is one of his biggest policy goals and would include and amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • No more foreign workers

    It is disappointing that so many Americans are out of work. This is exactly the reason that Americans4work was founded — to help Americans get back into jobs. This non-partisan organization recently hosted its first event at the National Press Club and its list of speakers was impressive. After listening to the speakers, it became clear that high levels of immigration is one of the root causes of the jobs crisis we are currently experiencing.

  • Fight income inequality: Oppose further immigration

    I believe you need to help President Obama to fight income inequality by reducing the future flow of foreign citizens given green cards and lifetime work permits.

  • ‘Comprehensive immigration reform’ will harm Americans

    It is important for you to listen to your Republican colleagues who realize that comprehensive immigration reform would harm American workers. The best way for your party to reach out to voters, especially working class voters, is to improve the job prospects of all Americans. The worst way to do this is to support legislation that gives work permits to illegal aliens and increases foreign worker numbers.

  • Boehner was wrong to hire Rebecca Tallent

    I am deeply disturbed that Speaker Boehner has hired a former McCain immigration advisor and chief of staff to be his immigration legislative advisor. Her hiring is a clear sign that he intends to push for amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform in 2014. She worked on amnesty for Sen. McCain and previously worked for the pro-amnesty Bipartisan Policy Center. Please keep this in mind when dealing with the speaker on immigration issues.

  • Catholics oppose amnesty

    I cannot understand why reputable news organizations continue to say that Catholic Americans overwhelmingly support giving legal status, work permits, and a pathway to citizenship to illegal aliens when recent polling shows that the opposite is true.

  • No amnesty conference

    I wanted to let you know that House Speaker Boehner just said that he has no intention of conferencing any legislation with the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” amnesty. Please make sure no other amnesty or immigration legislation that harms American workers is passed by the House.

  • Oppose H.R. 1417

    The McCaul-Jackson Lee border security bill, H.R 1417, is not worthy of your support as its passage would make the U.S. less safe and actually require DHS to keep our borders less secure. Please do all you can to make sure this legislation does not pass.

  • Listen to Chris Crane

    I wanted to make sure you knew that ICE Union head Chris Crane wrote to American business leaders after they met with Pres. Obama at the White House and let them know that their support for “comprehensive immigration reform” has profoundly negative effects for our nation and for the American people. I hope you will take his comments to heart and make sure amnesty doesn’t reach President Obama’s desk.

  • Evangelicals oppose amnesty

    I believe it’s important for Republican Members of Congress to realize that most evangelical Republicans do not approve of comprehensive immigration reform. The polls are clear on this.

  • Don’t make Garcia’s mistake

    Yesterday, Rep. Joe Garcia went on a Google+ forum to discuss H.R. 15, the Democrat’s amnesty legislation. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was unaware that the legislation would increase unemployment and decrease wages for American workers. I hope you will not make Rep. Garcia’s mistake of sponsoring this legislation.

  • Cosponsor ‘no amnesty’ resolution

    It is disappointing that some in Congress still want to give illegal aliens an amnesty, despite the current economic jobs climate. Please cosponsor H. Res. 326, a resolution that calls on Congress to reject any immigration reform that provides illegal aliens with legal status or amnesty.

  • ‘American Center’ opposes amnesty

    It’s disappointing that President Obama wants to force an amnesty for illegal aliens through Congress, even though a new NBC News poll shows that a majority of the American people — the so-called American center — opposes this. I hope you will take the results of this poll to heart and share it with your colleagues.

  • What about spying on U.S. citizens?

    According to the LA Times, you said:

  • Oppose H.R. 1417

    Please oppose H.R. 1417, the McCaul-Jackson Lee border security bill. The bill will not secure the border as it actually rolls back current border security laws. Please make it clear that you will not support any bills that make our nation less secure.

  • Government hypocrisy

    “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured … But not everyone must prove they are a citizen.”

  • Even ‘centrists’ don’t want amnesty

    A new NBC News poll shows that swing voters — what the pollsters dub the “new American Center” — have little appetite for giving illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship. Given this fact, I hope you will not go along with plans to force his amnesty on the American people.

  • Oppose H.R. 15

    The Democrats just released their amnesty bill, H.R. 15, and made it clear that they want all illegal aliens to receive an amnesty, work permits, and taxpayer-provided subsidies. I hope you will oppose this attempt to force a “Gang of Eight”-like bill through the House and oppose all attempts to have a vote on immigration bills while the Senate amnesty bill is still pending.