• Help end the visa lottery

    Please co-sponsor H.R. 479 to end the visa lottery!

  • Co-sponsor bill to end chain migration

    I urge you to co-sponsor H.R. 891, the Nuclear Family Priority Act!

  • No impeachment

    President Donald Trump was duly elected by the American people and it is far past time that Congress accept the results of the election and get back to doing the work of the American people.

  • U.S. immigration policy contributing to crisis in bird populations

    North America’s bird populations are being pushed by us to the edge of extinction. Will you stand up to confront the elephant in the room?

  • Oppose William Barr’s gun control

    92% of gun owners would not vote for a senator who supports universal background checks

  • Vote no on gun confiscation legislation

    98% of voters will NOT vote to reelect a legislator who votes for red flags

  • Please confirm the President’s nominees

    As a FreedomWorks activist I’m urging you to confirm President Trump’s conservative nominees.

  • Stop H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112

    H.R. 8 would criminalize the private sales of firearms that don’t get prior government permission. Of course, the bill is not limited to that, as it criminalizes the “transfer” of a firearm without a Brady check.

  • Oppose H.R. 1585

    Please oppose the House-passed version of H.R. 1585. I agree with Gun Owners of America that the anti-gun provisions in this bill pretend to help “battered women,” but in fact leave them disarmed and vulnerable to their abusers.

  • It’s time to deregulate suppressors

    Anti-gun advocates are waging war against the Second Amendment, but you have the opportunity to stand up for the God-given rights of millions of Americans.

  • Serious about immigration? Push E-Verify

    E-Verify reduces discrimination. An employer that uses E-Verify must use it for all new hires, and its use encourages employers to hire Hispanics, and immigrants of all kinds.

  • Block the TPS amnesty bill

    Please block a vote on S. 636, the Venezuela Temporary Protected Status Act of 2019.

  • No government takeover

    I am greatly concerned about Bullhead City’s proposal to seize our water company (“City files EPCOR referendum with county,” Mohave Daily News, July 17, 2019). This has been tried over and over and over again in cities and towns all over the country, and the results are rarely if ever as promised by the politicians who push for these measures.

  • I wish you had not voted to scrap per-country caps

    I cannot understand your vote in favor of H.R. 1004. According to the Congressional Research Service, “shorter wait times for LPR status might actually incentivize greater numbers of nationals from India, China, and the Philippines to seek employment-based LPR status. If that were to occur, the reduction in the number of approved petitions pending might be short-lived. In addition, absent a per-country ceiling, a handful of countries could conceivably dominate employment-based immigration, possibly benefitting certain industries that employ foreign workers from those countries, at the expense of foreign workers from other countries and other industries that might employ them.”

  • Disappointed in your vote on H.R. 1044

    I cannot understand your vote in favor of H.R. 1004.

  • Oppose H.R. 1044

    Please oppose H.R. 1044 to remove the per-country cap on employment visas.

  • H.R. 3401 fails to address causes of the crisis and lacks enforcement funding — Vote NO

    The House of Representatives will vote TODAY on H.R. 3401, the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border Act.

  • It’s time to end the border crisis: Demand a vote on H.R. 3056!

    I’m shocked that the House has yet to vote on H.R. 3056, the Border Crisis Supplemental Appropriations Act, to deal with the ongoing border crisis. I urge you to demand an immediate floor vote on this badly needed spending package! This crisis has gone on long enough, and it’s time for Congress to act!

  • H.R. 2740 would worsen the border crisis — please vote NO!

    H.R. 2740 only benefits drug cartels and people traffickers — please oppose it!

  • Just say NO to amnesty

    Oppose amnesty legislation — focus on the border surge!