Pass mandatory E-Verify

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security John Kelly issued two memos today that cleared out most of the rubbish of past Administration internal memos and basically declared that federal law enforcement officers are now free to apply any law that Congress passed to discourage illegal immigration.

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End chain migration and visa lottery

The last bipartisan commission for immigration reform, chaired by the civil rights icon Barbara Jordan, recommended ending chain migration and the visa lottery to protect vulnerable American workers and their wages. Sen. Tom Cotton has legislation, S. 354, that would make those recommendations a reality. I urge you to cosponsor this bill and support an immigration system that serves the interest of all Americans.

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Cosponsor mandatory E-Verify legislation

I hope you will cosponsor and support the S. 179, Sen. Grassley’s legislation to mandate use of the E-Verify system. This bill provides for a sensible phase-in of mandatory use of the E-Verify system and will help combat identity fraud. With millions of Americans unable to find a full-time job this legislation is truly important.

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Confirm Senator Sessions for Attorney General

Please vote in favor of Sen. Sessions’ nomination for the post of Attorney General. Sen. Sessions has consistently expressed a desire to uphold the law and to make sure our nation’s laws are enforced. He will make a fine attorney general and I urge you to vote to approve his nomination.

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Trump’s Executive Order enhances national security and establishes refugee limits

President Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order strengthens national security and establishes limits for the refugee resettlement program. Both actions were highlighted during Donald Trump’s August campaign speech on immigration, and the American people responded by electing him president. I ask that you set aside the misinformation that’s been reported since the order was signed and support these sensible actions.

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