Bring down H-1B numbers!

Earlier this week, Barack Obama had an online town hall meeting and interacted with Jennifer Wedel, whose semiconductor engineer husband is unemployed. President Obama said he found Mr. Wedel’s inability to find a job “interesting.” It is truly astounding that the president finds it “interesting,” as opposed to “appalling,” that his pro-foreign worker immigration policies are keeping America’s high tech workers out of U.S. jobs. I hope you will use your position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to reduce the number of H-1B visas our country issues so that technology workers like Mr. Wedel can find a job.
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H-1B spouses

Barack Obama’s recent decision to attempt to extend work authorization to the spouses of H-1B workers is downright disgusting. He is simply pandering to the unscrupulous business hucksters who would rather hire cheap foreign workers instead of paying a living wage to U.S. workers.
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NO to DREAM Act amnesty

I understand that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to force the DREAM Act amnesty through the Senate during the lame duck session. I also understand that you are planning on supporting this anti-American worker amnesty. If you plan on winning reelection in 2012, I strongly urge you to reconsider your pro-amnesty position.
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Oppose DREAM Act amnesty

2012 is a long way away, but if this last election taught us anything, it is that politicians can no longer hope that their controversial votes will be forgotten come election time. Sen. Reid is setting you up for trouble. You need to vote “NO” on the DREAM Act.
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No DREAM Act amnesty

It is reprehensible that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to force the DREAM Act amnesty on the American people during the lame duck session of Congress. You need to do the right thing and stand up to Sen. Reid and just say “No” to amnesty! Otherwise, your chances of winning reelection in 2012 will look dim.
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