To save nature, we must look at immigration limits

We lose a football field worth of nature every 30 seconds in the United States. We add an NFL football stadium worth of people every ten days. Even with our efforts to reduce our individual footprints, our collective feet are stomping out the natural world beneath us. Americans’ outsized consumption habits play a significant role, but the destruction of these natural spaces is primarily driven by the need for more space to accommodate more of us: more schools, roads, places of business, hospitals, water treatment facilities, farms, parking lots, etc. While there are many worthwhile efforts to protect our natural resources, wildlife habitats, and access to open space and nature, they are all undermined by Congress’ unsustainable immigration policies.

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Oppose the Biden Amnesty

Citizenship Act of 2021 will harm American workers!

President Biden’s mass amnesty for illegal aliens, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, has been introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Linda Sanchez. The Gang of 8’s 2013 amnesty legislation was a bad bill, but the Biden amnesty bill is incalculably worse.

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We need a pro-worker immigration policy

You now have control of Congress. However, 20% of low-wage workers are unemployed.

Democratic officials have stated that immigration reform will be an upcoming priority, and I encourage you to ensure these reforms protect low- and middle-income working families and vulnerable populations.

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Oppose closure of OPT Compliance Unit

Ask Biden to reopen OPT compliance unit!

The Optional Practical Training (OPT) program gives businesses a financial incentive to hire foreign college graduates instead of American and legal immigrant graduates. Employers do not have to pay payroll taxes and the OPT employees do not have to pay FICA withholding, making these employees significantly less expensive to hire. The OPT program is responsible for the inability of most American STEM graduates to find jobs in STEM fields — fewer than 50% of STEM graduates are finding STEM jobs. Moreover, the FICA fund loses out on $2 billion each year due to OPT and CPT.

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Abolish birthright citizenship

Abolish birthright citizenship!

Often lost in the immigration debate is the issue of Birthright Citizenship. Birthright Citizenship is an outdated practice that lures foreign nationals to the United States so their unborn children can become U.S. citizens. Please work to end this ridiculous policy!

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