I’m glad you support mandatory E-Verify

H.R. 78, the Legal Workforce Act would, within three years, require all employers to run new hires through the E-Verify system. Isn’t this great news? Instead of unscrupulous employers being able to drive down wages and take advantage of illegal aliens, they will now be obliged to hire unemployed Americans and legal immigrants.

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Pass legislation to end illegal immigration and secure the border

Due to the actions (or inaction) of the Biden administration, the border is out of control and illegal immigration is rampant. Congress must make securing the border and tackling illegal immigration a priority during the remainder of the 117th Congress and during the 118th Congress. Legislation must include:

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Please support mandatory E-Verify

The simplest way to end illegal immigration is by requiring all employers to use E-Verify. I hope you’ll support this commonsense solution and push for a vote on legislation that would mandate E-Verify nationwide.

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It’s past time to end birthright citizenship

Often lost in the immigration debate is the issue of Birthright Citizenship. Birthright Citizenship is an outdated practice that lures foreign nationals to the United States so their unborn children can become U.S. citizens. Please work to end this ridiculous policy!

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