2 million encounters on southern border this year. Secure the border.

The Biden-Harris “root cause” migration plan has failed, as is documented in The Washington Post column “U.S. arrests along Mexico border top 2 million a year for first time” that was published this month.

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H-2B visas harm American workers

I was disappointed to learn that DHS Secretary Mayorkas has issued an additional 65,000 H-2B visas. As H-2B visas typically cover seasonal and temporary low-skill jobs, these visas disproportionately harm young and less-educated Americans. Increasing H-2B visa numbers would prevent thousands more young Americans from entering the workplace.

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Oppose DACA amnesty

Pres. Obama issued the unlawful DACA executive amnesty more than a decade ago, and currently, more than 600,000 illegal aliens hold a work permit and legal status as a result. While a federal appellate court said earlier this month that DACA was unlawful, it’s also allowing the Biden Administration to continue renewing applications for existing DACA holders while the case continues to be reviewed.

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