Stop the Democrats’ heinous amnesty bill

Why are Democrats trying to force a massive amnesty on the American people when there is a crisis at the border and Americans are still out of work and suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic? The Democrats’ plans include: the DACA and DREAM amnesties, the “essential worker amnesty,” the TPS amnesty, and the DED amnesty. Millions of Americans are out of work and amnestying more than 8 million illegal aliens will only make it more difficult for them to find work.

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Reject H.R. 1454 — an extremely anti-gun bill

I am writing to you today to reject H.R. 1454, which would classify firearm parts as guns in the eyes of the law.

This draconian bill is a blatant attack on our Constitutional right to build and assemble our own defensive implements at home. What’s more, H.R. 1454 would amount to a backdoor gun registry, which we all know is a prelude to confiscation.

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