Cosponsor the SHORT Act!

Gun Owners of America alerted me to the unconstitutional actions of the Biden Administration to restrict pistol braces. This trend of restricting my Second Amendment rights cannot continue. In the last election, all Governors who signed constitutional carry into law won reelection. Clearly, support for gun rights is an issue you can win on.

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H.R. 3648 will displace American workers — VOTE NO!

The House of Representatives will soon hold a vote on H.R. 3648, the EAGLE Act. I cannot understand how anyone can think that this bill is a good idea. H.R. 3648 would expand the H-1B program and permanently reduce the number of jobs available to American workers by turning virtually all nonimmigrant visas into a direct path to a green card for foreign workers and their spouses and children, including adult children, regardless of the numerical limits on employment-based green cards.

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Stop the Democrat’s lame duck amnesty plans

I am concerned that lame duck Democrats will try to force an illegal alien amnesty through Congress while they still control the House of Representatives. According to one pro-illegal alien activist, the lame duck session is a “golden opportunity” to pass an amnesty, while another activist said that “another chance [to amnesty illegal aliens] likely won’t come for years.”

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