Oppose increases in H-1B visas

A recent New York Times’ report highlights the stories of laid-off tech workers who have been forced to train their foreign-worker, H-1B replacements. I urge you to oppose increases in H-1B visas and instead help stop this ongoing and disturbing trend. Continue reading “Oppose increases in H-1B visas”

Congress must prevent fast track for Pacific free trade deal

President Obama must not given fast track authority (TPA) for the TransPacific Partnership (TPP). The potential ramifications for American workers are far too great for the Congress to be prevented from having sufficient debate of the free trade agreement and the ability to amend it. I urge you not to give President Obama this authority. Continue reading “Congress must prevent fast track for Pacific free trade deal”

No more foreign workers

It is disappointing that so many Americans are out of work. This is exactly the reason that Americans4work was founded — to help Americans get back into jobs. This non-partisan organization recently hosted its first event at the National Press Club and its list of speakers was impressive. After listening to the speakers, it became clear that high levels of immigration is one of the root causes of the jobs crisis we are currently experiencing.
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March jobs report

I wanted to tell you about the March jobs reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 663,000 Americans gave up their job search in March and there are now more than 55 million working-age Americans no longer working. Why would Congress seek to increase the number of green cards the federal government issues? I urge you to oppose legislation that would bring in more foreign workers.
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