The environment suffers as population rises

Business interests want perpetual growth, but Americans need to face the reality that our country’s biodiversity/wildlife habitat and quality-of-life are irreparably damaged as we add millions to our population every year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, our population is projected to soar to 404 million by the year 2060, with more than 90% due to immigration.

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Serenity is difficult to find

America’s remaining open spaces, especially our majestic national parks, are being “used to death.” As our population grows, parks and beaches cannot keep up with the demand. Unless America can achieve a stable sustainable population, the trampling of our remaining open spaces will worsen. This is why Congress must revisit our immigration policies. The Census Bureau projects the U.S. that 75 million people will be added to America’s population by the Year 2060, with roughly 90 percent of that growth due to immigration.

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Co-sponsor H.R. 1100 to end the visa lottery!

Fifty-two percent of all lottery visas have been awarded to Europeans, who represent 56 percent of all immigrants since 1820, dispelling the notion that true diversity was the goal of the lottery. The United States does not need to admit a single additional immigrant to ensure increasing ethnic and racial diversity in the U.S. — it is a demographic certainty. Additionally, the legal immigration flow of around one million per year and another estimated million coming illegally, 55,000 lottery visas have very little impact on diversity, no matter who the beneficiaries are.

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Any border legislation must close asylum loopholes and mandate E-Verify

I cannot understand why you and your Republican colleagues haven’t passed any legislation to help end the border crisis. Republicans won control of the House by promising to end the crisis and it’s time for you to make it happen. Total encounters at the U.S./Mexico border exceeded 150,000 in January and February and apprehensions of illegal border crossers have exceeded 125,000 for 24 straight months; it’s clear that this problem isn’t going away.

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