Get your security act together

Secretary Napolitano:

Your Thursday testimony before the House Judiciary Committee concerned me deeply. You made it clear that DHS was ill-prepared to handle the president’s politically-motivated amnesty. Please do your best to keep our country safe by halting the amnesty until DHS can ensure everyone’s safety.
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Senator Marco Rubio:

It is downright appalling that you are working on a DREAM Act amnesty. There is no difference between giving illegal aliens citizenship and giving them an amnesty. They would still be able to compete against unemployed Americans for jobs! You need to drop this immediately and stop promoting it on Fox News!
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Oppose S. 3217


It is ridiculous for anyone to propose legislation that would bring more foreign workers into the United States when millions of American STEM workers can’t find jobs. S. 3217, the Startup Act 2.0, would destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. Please oppose it.
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