Support ICE agents’ suit


Finally some brave ICE agents are standing up to Secretary Napolitano’s DREAM Directive requiring them to violate immigration law. I hope you will support these fine ICE agents and their suit against Secretary Napolitano and Director Morton.
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Morton: Allow ICE to follow the law

ICE Director John Morton,

This Administration’s ever-expanding policy of “prosecutorial discretion” that allows certain illegal aliens to avoid deportation and even get work permits gives ICE agents the discretion to determine which illegal aliens meet the criteria originally outlined in your August 2011 memo. However, it appears that your policy of “prosecutorial discretion” does not allow for any discretion whatsoever.
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Keep criminal illegal aliens in jail

Senator Richard Durbin:

You and your fellow Members in Congress in the upper echelons of leadership have a duty to protect the American people. Why, then, have you refused to counter President Obama’s efforts to institute a “catch and release” program for “innocent” or “non-violent” illegal aliens, especially when a shockingly-high percentage of these amenable illegal aliens commit crimes such as murder, rape, child abuse, gun running, and drug trafficking? What good is a Congress when it will kowtow to a president’s every caprice?
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Get your security act together

Secretary Napolitano:

Your Thursday testimony before the House Judiciary Committee concerned me deeply. You made it clear that DHS was ill-prepared to handle the president’s politically-motivated amnesty. Please do your best to keep our country safe by halting the amnesty until DHS can ensure everyone’s safety.
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