No ‘comprehensive immigration reform’

In 2007 the American people rose up and prevented Congress from passing amnesty. With this in mind, why would you tell members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that you supported “comprehensive immigration reform?” We both know this is nothing more than a fancy term for amnesty.

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H-1B visas

I find your kowtowing to the Chamber of Commerce to be distressing. You have a duty to serve the American people, not lowlife businessmen who would rather hire illegal alien workers instead of unemployed Americans. Your actions to assist the Democrats on the Conference Committee to strip the American-worker protections from the Senate and House economic stimulus bills are absolutely revolting.
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Hope for America

What becomes of America, now that Obama has usurped the presidency? Clearly, if Obama has his way, we will be attempting to retry the failed experiment of the former Soviet Union, with Obama playing the role of Premier Comrade. If his goals are evidenced by his utterances, he plans to destroy the U.S. by making our well-being and security secondary to his anti-coal ideology, he plans to institutionalize corruption in government by making millions of citizens and non-citizens dependent on and beholding to the government for money, and he plans to fundamentally destroy the remains of our once-fair republic by throwing off the Constitutional limits in favor of a mandate for government to provide food, housing, jobs, iPods, diplomas, bling, and who-knows-what-else to everyone in the deserving class (as if our current “limited” government wasn’t already big enough).┬áIf he’s successful, there will be no more America by the end of his term.
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