H-2B increases would abandon blue-collar workers

Sen. Jeff Sessions has written to the Senate Appropriations Committee urging them to oppose efforts to quadruple H-2B visa numbers to 264,000. I urge you to read his letter and do all you can to support jobless Americans by opposing this massive increase in foreign workers.

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Young Americans deserve jobs

Nearly 40% of young Americans with a high school education or less cannot find a job. The seasonal and entry-level jobs available for previous generations are simply not there because employers are able to hire an increasing number of H-2B workers. To make matters worse, some of your colleagues want to quadruple H-2B numbers as part of the FY2017 DHS appropriations bill. Please do all you can to prevent this from happening so that these Americans are able to enter the workforce. Continue reading Young Americans deserve jobs

More content out of context

In a previous letter, I wondered about the inclusion of a gratuitous claim that Newton T. Bass was a racist (Racist roots of Apple Valley, April 21), which was in response to an article by Matthew Cabe (Hilltop House Offer Accepted, Daily Press, April 17). I tried to make clear that was not questioning the allegation itself so much as that it did not seem germane. If Mr. Cabe had tied allegations of previous racism with the Town’s push to make a landmark out of the home of a famous local racist, that would have been one thing. Given that our mayor was once fired for making a racist remark, and given that others on the Town council have engaged repeatedly in derogatory ethnic references, it might have made an interesting story indeed. Failing that, the insertion in passing of an allegation of racism is, at best, controversial only for the sake of being controversial, not for the sake of being enlightening. Continue reading More content out of context

Oppose Ryan’s ‘crime reform’ bill

Please oppose efforts in the Judiciary Committee to bring H.R. 3713, the Sentencing Reform Act of 2015, to the House floor. This legislation, as it is currently written, would release thousands of dangerous non-citizen offenders at a time when the Obama administration has shown a refusal to deport even the most violent criminal aliens. Continue reading Oppose Ryan’s ‘crime reform’ bill