Close the Landlord Taskforce

Please immediately stop the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Landlord Taskforce. Reduce the size of government, reduce the scope of government, and let the free market decide! If you think there are housing problems now, just wait until you force investors out of the rental market with moronic schemes such as this one.

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Please implement the biometric entry-exit system

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released its FY 2017 Entry/Exit Overstay Report, which says that 701,900 foreign nationals overstayed their visa. The Washington Examiner notes the amount is greater than the number (526,901) who crossed the southwest border illegally that year.

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Immigration and the environment

My comment relates to the Council on Environmental Quality’s (CEQ) Question 5 Should CEQ’s NEPA regulations be revised to provide greater clarity to ensure NEPA documents better focus on significant issues that are relevant and useful to decision-makers and the public, and if so, how?

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