Oppose American-worker-harming provisions in the spending bill

According to the Washington Times, Congressional Republicans are working with the pro-foreign worker business lobby to make it even more difficult for less-educated and lower-skilled Americans to find work. I urge you not to increase H-2B visas during the lame duck and to oppose a provision that would lift the per-country caps for employment-based green cards.

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Pass H.R. 391 to close asylum loopholes!

The 5,000-strong caravan of illegal Honduran migrants aims to take advantage of a loophole in our immigration laws to cross the border. The Obama administration allowed asylum seekers to use a fear of crime or domestic abuse as a claim for asylum even though U.S. law clearly states that asylum seekers must have a fear of persecution in their home country because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

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Confirm Kavanaugh now

The just-released FBI background check of Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirms what everyone already knew: He is fit to serve on the Supreme Court. You must vote to confirm Kavanaugh, period. While Judge Kavanaugh has been a paragon of knowledge and wisdom, his accusers have been shown not only to have no credibility, but also to have no limit as to how low they will go in their baseless attacks on him. Sadly, this latter group includes some senators. Facts and truth matter. Therefore, you must vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

End birthright citizenship

Lost in the immigration debate over the last six months has been the issue of Birthright Citizenship. Birthright Citizenship is an outdated practice that lures foreign nationals to the United States so their unborn children can become U.S. citizens. Please work to end this ridiculous policy!

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