Labor Department statistics prove no ‘labor shortage’

According to recent statistics released by the Labor Department, there has been some improvement in the current jobs crisis facing American workers. Sadly, there is much work to be done in reversing the disastrous effects the COVID-19 panic has had on our economy and labor force.

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Thank you for holding federal agencies accountable

Thank you for your recent executive order holding federal agencies accountable for H-1B abuses in the contractor sector. I’m sure you were as shocked as I was to learn of the TVA’s plans to outsource crucial IT jobs in one of the nation’s critical infrastructure grids — especially during the dire jobs situation facing the nation.

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Please support enforcement of the public charge rule

I was saddened to hear that New York District Judge George Daniels halted the Trump Administration’s Public Charge rule, again, even after the Supreme Court struck down an identical nationwide injunction put in place by Daniels in January.

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When will your company switch to renewable energy?

I wanted to understand why you think I’m virtue signaling based on flawed ideology in asking that [company name] transition to using renewable energy sources?

As far as I’m concerned I’m using market forces (withdrawing my customers) to bring about a world that isn’t choking itself to death on toxic fossil fuels. Yes there’ll be some environmental cost to this short-term transition (presumably the “devastation” you refer to further up the post) but in the long term as we get our energy directly from the sun, wind and sea, rather that from the decayed carbon of dead animals from millions of years ago, the world will be a better place.

I’d love to understand how you could disagree with the above sentiment (without denying climate science)?

Have a fabulous day, and I hope you are open to having your mind swung round on this one 🙂

All the best,

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Ecological disruption increases zoonosis and is exacerbated by immigration-driven population growth

A recent article in The New York Times Magazine (“How Humanity Unleashed a Flood of New Diseases,” 6/17/20) describes that as expanding human populations lead to more deforestation, mining, intensive agriculture, and urban sprawl, natural habitats, in turn, are destroyed, forcing wild creatures to venture into human communities. As most predators are eliminated, the remaining animals are forced into unnatural and hazardous arrangements, ultimately jeopardizing our own health. This has created an increase in the frequency of zoonosis outbreaks, including COVID-19, which are diseases that move from animals to humans.

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