Global warming — government style

With record snowfalls and freezing temperatures across the planet, this whole global warming thing is pretty pathetic. As they say, there is no problem sufficiently small that there exists a governmental solution. So, no sooner does the government attempt to put us on a heat diet than it turns out there is little heat to be had.
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Literal lies about the ‘Virtual Fence’

So, Department of Homeland Security officials say the “Virtual Fence” that is supposed to secure our southern border is not only poorly conceived and late, it’s also not working. The wonderful thing about this announcement is that they make it as if they are trying so hard to secure our border, and this was the best effort they could make. Is anyone really shocked that the DHS can’t seem to secure our border under George Bush, who has made it abundantly clear that he wants Mexicans to have free access to the U.S.?
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Tusayan ruins

We visited the Tusayan ruins today. The lie to the east of the main scenic portion of the Grand Canyon, and are said to have been inhabited by a group of Indians for 25-30 years back around 1065. The ruins consist of a couple of layers of the local rock, with some sort of mortar holding them together. It’s not clear whether these layers and/or the mortar are original, nor is it clear what happened to the rest of the rock (and mortar) that would have been needed for the walls. However, the visitors’ center shows a wonderful artist’s rendering of what the place looked like “back then.” Seeing as how the buildings are gone and so are the inhabitants, you have to wonder how they can be so certain.
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The Senator formerly known as Hussein

Over the years, we have referred to many personages of note by using first, middle, and last names, while the rest of us plod along with only first and last. As far as I can remember, outside of Mel Gibson’s movie, “Conspiracy Theory,” few have commented on this. Neither can I remember anyone commenting on the significance of the middle name, when it is the same as some other famous person. For example, I don’t remember anyone remarking on the irony that William Jefferson Clinton was not very much like Thomas Jefferson, or urging Clinton to act more like Jefferson because of his middle name.
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