Continuing to import foreign workers

Jennifer Wedel brought a problem to you that many Americans face: unemployment. And, unfortunately, you were reluctant to acknowledge that your immigration policies were preventing her husband from finding a job. Only when you freeze the importation of so many unnecessary H-1B workers will highly-trained individuals like Mr. Wedel will get back to work.
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Bring down H-1B numbers!

Earlier this week, Barack Obama had an online town hall meeting and interacted with Jennifer Wedel, whose semiconductor engineer husband is unemployed. President Obama said he found Mr. Wedel’s inability to find a job interesting. It is truly astounding that the president finds it interesting, as opposed to appalling, that his pro-foreign worker immigration policies are keeping America’s high tech workers out of U.S. jobs. I hope you will use your position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to reduce the number of H-1B visas our country issues so that technology workers like Mr. Wedel can find a job.
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