Take amnesty off the table completely

While we do wish to secure the border, secure the workplace, and mandate use of the E-Verify system, passing any immigration legislation while the Senate’s mass amnesty bill is still active would give the Senate the vehicle it needs to pass a mass amnesty. Please share this message with the GOP Leadership who is considering bringing this legislation to the floor for a vote.
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‘No Conference’

I hope you will sign the letter Rep. Steve Stockman has written to House Speaker John Boehner. In it he argues that the Senate will use any House-passed immigration legislation as a vehicle to get their amnesty legislation to President Obama’s desk. I hope you will sign this letter and show Speaker Boehner that he must ensure that amnesty is not passed through a conference committee.
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Oppose S. 744 et al.

It’s too bad we didn’t get to speak with you over August Recess. Since we were unable to attend your town hall, we wanted to share our views on immigration reform moving through the House this fall. We oppose the Senate-approved immigration bill, S.744, and hope you oppose any legislation in the House that could be used to go to conference with S.744.
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