Stop preferential treatment of H-1B workers

As an American tech worker, I find it disgusting that IBM posted jobs that preferred foreign workers on temporary visas over American tech workers, while at the same time, they lobby Washington for increases in foreign workers. How are American tech workers supposed to find jobs when corporations can break the law and hire foreign workers at will? Please make sure that American workers have the first shot at any job, and that the federal government prosecutes companies that hire foreign workers over qualified American workers.
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Government shut-down preferable to the alternative

I understand your frustration with the Senate and White House over the shut-down of the government. However, I would offer you this: Nothing that this government has done since Obama took office has been in the best interests of America or Americans. Shutting down the government is preferable to allowing him to continue to destroy what’s left of our country. Furthermore, I hope that your frustration does NOT lead you to caving in to the spendthrift obstructionists, as Republicans seem to be doing these days. Please stand firm, and make this shut-down stand for something. You’re doing a great job so far. Keep up the good work!

Greg Raven
Apple Valley, CA